Syrian Virtual University partnernshiops with TAGIMetric

Syrian Virtual University partnernships with TAGIMetric 
The Syrian Virtual University (SVU) is an accredited state university established by Legislative Decree No. (25) in the year 2002. SVU aims to be one of the leading world universities in the region. SVU also aims at developing human resources consonant with international academic and professional criteria. SVU's objective is to meet the market needs nationally and regionally. SVU is working to provide a modern learning, training and research system in the academic and vocational fields to enable the learner and the trainee to engage effectively and directly in the labor market by developing their skills and regional needs in science and technology. SVU seeks to enrich knowledge utilizing e-learning technologies and investing in academic and professional lifelong learning. SVU is committed to establish long-term relationships with its graduates. Quality assurance is a target.